Saturday, September 29, 2012

From Ipad..

I love Kungfu Panda >< POOOO !!

Big Fan of DreamWork Animation

I want to let you know. that my dreamjob is work at dreamWork Animation one day.. every cartoon they created, always can be the best cartoon ever year, even the other animators in this world can do the same good as it. But, I like DreamWork so much..
I had watched all of their films.. Kungfu Panda, Madagasscar 1,2,3, Megamind, Bee Film, etc..
and now..
I am waiting for the other and I think will be more GOOD AND SPECTACULAR.. Just like dreamwork usually.. haha.. RISE GUARDIANS !!
Will release on 21th November.. I must see this on cinema !! MUST MUST !!

DreamWork Team...

I'm sure they always be the best !!

Black Ink Monster Nail Art..

I'm sorry..
My phone's camera was bad...
I post my blur version.. haha...

Again... So thankfull ^^

Moustache Masking

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

woohooo, My post was reblogged by some people.. !!

This is my friend's tumblr ( Linna )
She reblogged my Stitch Picture.. :) Thanks Linna..

This is my original work !! hehe..
I am so happy... 
this was my first time when someone reblogged my own work.. :D


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yellow Polkadot Dress

Hai, My blog readers.. ^^
This is my first entry about fashion.
well, I am not a really smart talented person in fashion, but I try..
Cause, There are so many fashion bloggers in this world, and they can be my inspiration..

This is my new yellow polkadot dress..
I am so happy can have this dress,
I love yellow so much <3