Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vegan chicken with peanut sauce

from : Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant
@high street, Auckland, 1010

letter for Hitomi

for new year,
I received a new year postcard from HITOMI !
I am so happy because that is my first time receiving something that really comes from overseas !
thank you so much Hitomi !

that's why,
I want to try to send a letter to Japan !
so I can know how it feels and how is the procedure to send a letter.
I loveeee ittt !!!! 
I love letterset <3
the design is so cute, 
I also decorate the letter with stickers.

ohohohohohoh... /_\ hehehe.

Adult Colouring book, Yeaaaahhh... !!

Hello !
I am back ^^

I love painting since I was five maybe ?
I used to collect lots of colouring book, but then,
it is gone after I moved to our new house.
and now, I am pretty relief that there are so many adult colouring book at the bookstore !