Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Auckland Japan Day 2015

Hello all... Halo Semua... Yeorobbeun !! :3
How is it going ??
I am writing this post while I am feeling so full in my stomach... ahahahaa. I just finished eating.
so, this is about Japan Day,
It is so sad though for me because my phone battery dropped off and I couldn't take any photos as much as I like... huweee... :'(
But I was so glad because i went there with Koh Stevie and Cik Gita, and they brought me POWERBANK That save my life hahaha...

I bought ramen for 5$ and it was so good, I also bought " gulali ", I mean sugar floss for 2$.. hahaha.

selfieee.. before I went to church. hahaha...

Hush Puppies special edition shoes colaborated with Anna Sui... <3 aaaaa so happy. hahahaa
It is going really well with my black dress.. hahaha.

so, Photos from Japan day,  `ィ(´∀`∩

me and Cik Gita ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

Ohoho... free photobooth from Air New Zealand.
They were advertising and promoting some flights to some city in Japan... :D

before I went home, I visited Koh Stevie and Cik Gita's apartment...
The apartment is so nice and ... 
She gave me jelly !! and thiss lovely book (´。✪ω✪。`)
aaaa.. like it so muchh...
I always be a big fan of Koh Stevie's drawing...
Check his awesome artworks 
and you can get his awesome iphone case and another merchandises 
from Society6 here.

I was so happy (´౪`)
See you guys on my next post,
have a nice day, good luck and

Good Present For Your Lovelies

On 4th of April, 
My flatmate, Cecilia, had birthday and turned from 19 y.o to 20 y.o
Waaaaa.... She is 20 now hehehehe...

She is a nice person to me, really nice... and I'm glad that I have a lovely female flatmate that I can count her as my older sister...
Honestly, I was so confused... I didn't know what should I give to her because really, she has anything, she doesn't need anything.. hahaha. Her room is like " girl's dream closet "

so, I remember, one of my friend, her name is Niken, She is accepting comission art order, especially in portrait illustration.
I really like her drawing... :3 
and, also because I haven't be able to draw as good as her..

check her Instagram : @Purururun

and here is Cecilia's picture :

I am so satisfied with what she has done :) so good, eh ??
right, so... I edit the picture : added some wishes to Cecilia,
and Printed this illustration into A4...
and then I went to DAISO hehehe, and Searched a good photo frame to this lovely pict.

I chosed the white one, and...


Cecilia said to me that she liked it so much, awww... 
thank you...

sooo... like that..
I wish you always have good time in your life, Cecilia.
also, thank you, Niken for the lovely illustration with affordable price for me :3

See you guys on my next post
Good luck and have a nice day,

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Saturday !! :)

Hello everyone, 
long time I haven't write any posts yet and I hope you guys are doing well now..
so, How is it going ?? Do you have a good day ?

Every Saturday, I go to Youth Fellowship at my church,
what we do ? we are discussing about a topic and listening to our speaker about Bible Study.
I am glad that I can be a part of St. Andrews Church Youth :)
they are nice to me and I like them...

o ya, we also have dinner every the end of fellowship.
and today, we had Indonesian Chicken Porridge ( bubur ayam )

It was so nice, I used to have it often when I was still in Indonesia, You can see there are " Cakwee " ( one of Chinese Puff I think ), and brown egg ( " telur bacem " ), we ate it with fried onion and spring onion.
I likeeeee it so much, eating this porridge really makes me miss my homecountry so much :')

After finished from youth fellowship, me and some of my friends, went to RHYTM CAFE on Parnell Street.
This was my first time went to Parnell Street and visited a cafe like this. 
They like to play some songs from Studio Ghibli :)

 I took this photo from place where I sit.

So, for the food,
here are the foods that we ordered... :)

PAT BING SOO ( Koh Epi ordered this one )

Bamboo Tea ( ordered by Cik Teph <3, I think around NZD4$ )

Frappe Pistacchio Almond ( ordered by me NZD6$ )
Taste so good for me, I could feel the nuts as well, :D

Blueberry Waffle ( ordered by Cik Teph )

CHIPS :3 ( Ordered by Koh Epi  and taste so good as well, I like it )

I don't know what its name, But Koh Fritsen ordered this and this looks soooo cute :3

Beverages Menu :D

so, here are another photos...

They are Koh Epi and Cik Teph,
anyway, they are newlyweds ! :)
congratulations to you guys.... have a wonderful life that will be spent together :)
I hope you guys have nice children as nice as you both :D

This is me, at the centre :)
Koh Samuel, me, and Koh Epi..
and the one who photobombed us is Thomas,
he is Koh Samuel's younger brother... hahahaha.
but honestly, he looks like the older... haha.

so.. I was so happy and thankful to God for wonderful time that He gave to me today...
really thank you...

so, see you guys on my next post,

love, Calosanema <3