Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Saturday !! :)

Hello everyone, 
long time I haven't write any posts yet and I hope you guys are doing well now..
so, How is it going ?? Do you have a good day ?

Every Saturday, I go to Youth Fellowship at my church,
what we do ? we are discussing about a topic and listening to our speaker about Bible Study.
I am glad that I can be a part of St. Andrews Church Youth :)
they are nice to me and I like them...

o ya, we also have dinner every the end of fellowship.
and today, we had Indonesian Chicken Porridge ( bubur ayam )

It was so nice, I used to have it often when I was still in Indonesia, You can see there are " Cakwee " ( one of Chinese Puff I think ), and brown egg ( " telur bacem " ), we ate it with fried onion and spring onion.
I likeeeee it so much, eating this porridge really makes me miss my homecountry so much :')

After finished from youth fellowship, me and some of my friends, went to RHYTM CAFE on Parnell Street.
This was my first time went to Parnell Street and visited a cafe like this. 
They like to play some songs from Studio Ghibli :)

 I took this photo from place where I sit.

So, for the food,
here are the foods that we ordered... :)

PAT BING SOO ( Koh Epi ordered this one )

Bamboo Tea ( ordered by Cik Teph <3, I think around NZD4$ )

Frappe Pistacchio Almond ( ordered by me NZD6$ )
Taste so good for me, I could feel the nuts as well, :D

Blueberry Waffle ( ordered by Cik Teph )

CHIPS :3 ( Ordered by Koh Epi  and taste so good as well, I like it )

I don't know what its name, But Koh Fritsen ordered this and this looks soooo cute :3

Beverages Menu :D

so, here are another photos...

They are Koh Epi and Cik Teph,
anyway, they are newlyweds ! :)
congratulations to you guys.... have a wonderful life that will be spent together :)
I hope you guys have nice children as nice as you both :D

This is me, at the centre :)
Koh Samuel, me, and Koh Epi..
and the one who photobombed us is Thomas,
he is Koh Samuel's younger brother... hahahaha.
but honestly, he looks like the older... haha.

so.. I was so happy and thankful to God for wonderful time that He gave to me today...
really thank you...

so, see you guys on my next post,

love, Calosanema <3

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