Monday, May 30, 2016

lalele ! organic gelato


heyyy peeps !
add my snapchatttt yaaaaa calosanema ! :D

Mellow cafe ~

" There is no person that can live without sweet things"
quoted by me hahahaha..
cz I cant ! definitely can not !
shout out to another korean dessert..
Mellow ! they are selling bingsoo as well,
but the different is, they have flavoured shaved ice..
so the ice is not only just one colour / one flavour...
the bingsoo also has different texture than what snowman has ! 
so here they are. the photos.... !! :D

taro shaved ice !
soft serve ice cream + condensed milk
with almond topping <3

green tea pan ice !
honestly, this one is sooo good !

passion fruit shaved ice !

matcha roll cake !

our table for that day <3

taro cheesecake !

green tea shaved ice <3

Snowman Cafe - Auckland

Yeaaaay <3 shout out to BINGSOO,
Korean shaved ice that is so popular these days... !!
it is so good, and I've never got tired for eating this every week !
they have very cute cutlery ! :D

chocolate shaved ice

honey and cinnamon toast <3 <3 it is super good !

green tea shaved ice <3

oreo and green tea ! <3

Believe it or not that ice cream on top is real banana ice cream !

Banana shaved ice and chocolate honey toast ! <3

chocolate honey toast <3

Sunday, May 1, 2016

night light - long shutter speed !

Ice Skating !!


I know it is a bit random ahahaha,
but... I just want to share it with you guys cz I am in addiction with sweet coffee every morning in my life.
Just can't get enough energy to open my eyes without drinking coffeee !! hahaha.
as you guys know, almost all design students can't get enough sleep or rest, and barely can't stay concentrate in class...

at first, I dont like bitter coffee...
soooooo, I always have Moccachinno, it has to be sweet, with soy milk (cz I am allergic to cowmilk), and not too hot so I can drink it straight away !
because there are so many coffee shops in Auckland, I can easily buy coffee wherever I go :)

ak seneng bgt since I get to close with this person, whom I spent most of my time with !

it is nice, right ? having drink together with your close friend ! <3

Old Monastery

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Oil Lamp under the Dark Cave

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