Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello !! You know guys, actually.. first of all, I want to say " Deep condolence " for my Grandmother's brother who passed away 4 days ago.. I wish all the best for the family,
That's why I should go to Jakarta last weekend. I went to Jakarta for one night.
My hotel was so close with Taman Anggrek Mall, so I could relax and took some walk to that mall.

These photo were taken When I and my sister in the Aeroplane... :D

I bought this FREEZE ice cream at Taman Anggrek..

So, Freeze is an ice cream shop, you can create your ultimate ice cream, because your ice cream is made by order. They will make the ice cream after you order that... :) What flavour, what topping, everything starts from the beginning before your ice cream FREEZE !!
freeze using liquid nitrogen for make it freeze.
Freeze ice cream is a new innovative way of enjoying freshly made ice cream using liquid nitrogen at -196 C in front of you in one minute.
I bought it from 32.000 Rupiah, for a medium Cup. 
If you go to Taman Anggrek Mall, dont forget to buy this ice cream and register your self to
and you can get free upsize for freeze... !
Just collect the points every you buy it.. :)

I bought Planet POpcorn !!
I found this popcorn at malaysia 0 Berjaya times square before at Last Christmas Holiday... And I like it so much, So I bought it again at Taman Anggrek.. yippie !

I took dinner at PASTA de Waraku !!
Western Dish combined with Japanese Style... :*
Soooooo, Yummyyyyy ><
and the price... aaaaaa, You couldn't say that these are cheap, haha. for me quite expensive... :)
But worth with the portion... :)

That's all guys,,
haha.. Thank you... :)


Hello everyone, actually this is my first entry for cosmetic review..
And today I wanna tell you about ALOE calming mask sheet from It's skin.
It has Nickhun as the cover, haha.So handsome right ?? too bad, after I used this mask, the cover should be discard. so goodbye Nickhun,.... :(

Well, I bought this mask at It's skin store at Sungei Wang Plaza - Bukit Bintang Malaysia, The store sells so much cute and kawaii cosmetics.

I bought 99% ALOE Soothing Gel for 34RM, and I got this handsome mask for FREE.

For the result,
I think my face look more fresh, and calm... and I love the smell, alove vera smell is so fresh so you can breathe when you aply the mask. hehehe...
That's it guys, If you are looking for a fresh mask or a mask from Nickhun ( for you hottest, ) you can buy this mask in any stores available in your country.. Or, you can buy it via Online... :)
Thank you everybody,
have a nice day...
Good night... :)