Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello everyone, actually this is my first entry for cosmetic review..
And today I wanna tell you about ALOE calming mask sheet from It's skin.
It has Nickhun as the cover, haha.So handsome right ?? too bad, after I used this mask, the cover should be discard. so goodbye Nickhun,.... :(

Well, I bought this mask at It's skin store at Sungei Wang Plaza - Bukit Bintang Malaysia, The store sells so much cute and kawaii cosmetics.

I bought 99% ALOE Soothing Gel for 34RM, and I got this handsome mask for FREE.

For the result,
I think my face look more fresh, and calm... and I love the smell, alove vera smell is so fresh so you can breathe when you aply the mask. hehehe...
That's it guys, If you are looking for a fresh mask or a mask from Nickhun ( for you hottest, ) you can buy this mask in any stores available in your country.. Or, you can buy it via Online... :)
Thank you everybody,
have a nice day...
Good night... :)

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