Wednesday, August 29, 2012

she is giving an awesome giveaway !!

Bundle Monster Image Plate Giveaway

Bundle Monster has sent me a set of Image Plates. I have this Collection so
this one is going out to one of you. And two winners will get 50x Nail Art Fimo Canes.
Sponsored by Bundle Monster. Have a look at their Website and Facebook Page.
Thank you Bundle Monster for being so generous and sponsoring this Giveaway!

3 winners!
First winner will get: Bundle Monster Image Plates 2012 Collection
Second and Third winner will get: 50x Nail Art Fimo Canes.

How to Enter:
Fill in the RaffleCopter Widget at the bottom of this post.
Comments will not count as entries. If you do not fill in
the widget there is no way I can count your entries.

Giveaway ends: September 12th, 2012

Boxed Plates for the Giveaway and my Personal Set.
My Personal Stash of Fimo Canes.

These Image Plates are of High Quality and the stamping is great.
You do need to get a stamper and scraper if you don't own a set.
There are special nail polish for stamping but if you use a polish that
is a bit thicker that might work as well. Try the polishes yo have.
 To view each Image Plate in the set you can have a look at my post

 Giveaway terms and conditions:
Open internationally. Except: Italy, Germany and New Zeeland. So sorry!
The prize is sponsored by Bundle Monster, I will personaly pay for the shipping. 
After sending out the prizes I can not be hold liable. Get parental permission if you are underaged.

I copied this from her blog..
check her out :

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Central Park

Central Park is a mall where located in Jakarta which stand beside Taman Anggrek Mall..
Last year, I went to Central Park Mall with Fanny, Om Aciang, Ik cing cing, and my granny.
this was my first time met Fany and Om Aciang. Before these, I never met them before..
So, to get more closer, I and they went to Mall and hang out together ^^
Me,  ik Cing Cing, Fanni
Fanni is 2 years younger than me..

Fanny, Ik cing cing, Me, and my Granny

OM Aciang..
He is a very kind and patient person,
he loves kids very much..

Me and Fanny !!

See you soon You guys..
I will go to Jakarta tomorrow.. Yeii..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can I call you friends ?

Sometimes, all of you or some of you can be so good to me..
but sometimes, I feel that, I can't match with you, guys.. It is Lazy for me to gathering around you..
There is a quote about this and I think that quote is quiet sure...
" Friends come and go..Believe them, but don't trus them.. "

One time, I can believe you, but, is the next time I can trus you ? Just wait the answer from the way you treat me, ^^
I hope you are not disappointed me..

Komisi Remaja GKI Beringin..
I want to tell you..
I think you all know about this..
for long time, I can't playing and taking busy with you.. Having fun, eating, shopping, crafting, etc with you..
I hope the time when I can enter your gate is coming soon..
Hoping :)
sincerely sweet, 
still your friend, Calosanema

Saturday, August 4, 2012 GIVEAWAY !!

Summer 2012 Giveaway

Yes, finally!!! It's time for another giveaway! I know I've been talking about this for forever, and it's finally here!
I dub this the Summer 2012 Giveaway. I am giving away two sets of Sally Hansen Mini Nail Polishes.
The HD Hi-Definition and Neon Xtreme Wear Collections.
I'm going to make this post short and sweet. I'm using Rafflecopter for my giveaway this time, so just fill in the form and that's it!

Cherry Blossom blew Me up !

Indonesia don't have Autumn Season.. haha.. Indonesia don't have cherry blossom tree..
I ver very want to look this kind of beautiful tree with their flower flying on everywhere..

So beautiful ~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Giveaway from Lovely Lue

Pemenang 1 : 

1 set skin care + cosmetic from Estee Lauder

Yang terdiri dari :
1. Estee Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser
(botol pink)
2. Estee Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF 15
(jar ungu tutup gold besar)
3. Estee Lauder Time Zone Anti Wrinkle Eye Creme
(jar ungu tutup gold kecil)
4. Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow
5. Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstik
6. Estee Lauder Rouge Cristal Tenue Lipstik
7. Estee Lauder Lipstik 12 Beige 
8. Sample Body Creme Ultra Riche from L'occitane
9. Sample Regard Divin Divine Eyes from L'occitane

Pasti ada yang bertanya-tanya .. BAH kog anti wrinkle?gw masih muda gini masa pake anti wrinkle..
HAYY..namanya aja Anti Wrinkle..Jadi mencegah wrinkle2 tumbuh di sebelah mata khususnya(ni daerah yang paling cepet keliatan wrinklenya,kita senyum ketawa,tidur kena bantal,poles apapun ke wajah) nahh ituu disebelah mata paling cepet keliatan kerut2nya nanti..SEREMMMM GA SEH..*histeris lebay*
Wrinkle di kening juga cepet keliatannya..*serem pokoknya lah*
siap2 yaa dapet wrinkle yang lebih bnyk dan ketara..
Anti Wrinkle itu termasuk dalam Anti-Aging..yang sangat penting di perhatikan bukan stelah merasa umurnya uda cukup tua baru dipake..TELAT GURLS..
Mencegah lebih baik daripada mengobati ! LOLOL!

Pemenang ke 2 : 

Box ini gw dekor sendiri..Awalnya kotak polos biasa..

Terdiri dari : 
1. Victoria Secret Bold Sparkle SEXY eyeshadow in BLUE
(mau di pake buat smoky look bisa,mau di pake buat sehari2 yang fresh look juga bisa...Mainkan aja eyeshadow2nya =p)

 2. Nail Polish from Etude House

3. Mascara BAD Gal Lash from Benefit

 4. Lip Junkie Lipgloss from Urban Decay

5. Over Powder Glitter from SkinFood
(untuk di kelopak mata diatas eyeshadow)

6. Fake Eyelash from PM & Elise

7. Nail Sticker 

 8. Nail Polish from Revlon

 9. Girl Meets Pearl from Benefit
(nih kaya AURA nya Etude lah versi Benefit yang pastinya lebih bagus *menurut ekeee*)
Ga secair AURA nya Etude..

10. Rings 

11. Bracelet

Pemenang ke 3 :

NYX Book of Eyeshadow in 112 Gorgeous Shades
Tips : Berhubung Eyeshadow dari NYX itu gak se-sangar penampakannya..
Sebelum menggunakan/memoleskan di kelopak mata,kalian disarankan untuk memoleskan terlebih dahulu ya eyeshadow base..Biar warnanya lebih keluar..OK OK? LOL..

Pemenang ke 4 : 

Terdiri dari :
1. Makeup Pouch from Victoria Secret
2.  3 Nail Polish from Etude
3. Sample Blooming Shimmer Pearls Base
4. Sample Water Drop BB from Lioele
5. Sample Lioele C.A.D Cell Special Skin Care Set
(Whitening & Wrinkle)

Pemenang ke 5 : 

1. Relian Mascara
(lupa foto dalamnya..terdiri dari 2 mascara dengan teksture yang berbeda)
2. Handmade flower bross

Click to see the full site..

aku membaca blog anda sejak... heeehhmm
maaf ya,
mungkin hari ini.. :( 
2 agustus 2012 karena aku baru menemukannya... :(
tapi, mulai hari ini aku akan tetap mengikuti segala post2 kamu..
habis ternyata menarik.. ak jd tertarik sejak membuka hr ini.. haha..
nama gfc : calosanema

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

tugas kedua

Originally by me (*≧m≦*)

 I made it using Adobe flash professional ^^
 actually, I am still on the step where I still keep learning this..  haha..

I made this specially for my best friend who got high school scholarship in Singapore ^^

inspired from Charice Song

I just love the way I am..
The way I can be myself..
the way I controlled myself ^^