Thursday, August 23, 2012

Central Park

Central Park is a mall where located in Jakarta which stand beside Taman Anggrek Mall..
Last year, I went to Central Park Mall with Fanny, Om Aciang, Ik cing cing, and my granny.
this was my first time met Fany and Om Aciang. Before these, I never met them before..
So, to get more closer, I and they went to Mall and hang out together ^^
Me,  ik Cing Cing, Fanni
Fanni is 2 years younger than me..

Fanny, Ik cing cing, Me, and my Granny

OM Aciang..
He is a very kind and patient person,
he loves kids very much..

Me and Fanny !!

See you soon You guys..
I will go to Jakarta tomorrow.. Yeii..

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