Thursday, September 26, 2013

Melbourne, Yeah..... !!

Melbourne trip !! woah, firstly at all, I never believed it, reach this such of beautiful city... Woah, such a bless, really.
I went to Melbourne last March, followed the Student exchange with my friends. We live in Shepparton, a small (melbourne size, but not small for Indonesia size ) city at the corner of Melbourne. The seasons was autumn, and It took around 10-20 degree celcius. So cold. I couldn't imagine if it was winter last March.

5 students and 1 teacher. We lived separately in there, It means that we had our Host-Parents by ourself. What about my activities ? I went to my host-parents's school, everyday. GVGS ( GOULBURN VALLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL ).

at Melbourne city, 
Where am I ? hahaha, I am the one who wear Kliping's Backpack. hohoho. ( middle position ). My left side is Nia and My right side is Priska. Actually, there are 2 boys outside this photo.
This photo, is taken by Miss Felice with Nikon D5600. My teacher who followed this trip.
Ilove Melbourne's Old Bulding..
It felt like you were living in such of vintage town ? wkwk I don't know, But the air really made you comfortable.
I was taking a long way until finally arrived to Queen Victoria Market. Yuhhuuuu !! My first day in Melbourne filled with Shopping time. hihihihihi. I bought some souvenirs for my friends and family. But anyways, AUD so high and IDR so low. What could I do more ?? aaaaaaaaaaa,

Hello - Bello, Queen Victoria Market... Hohohoho.
I love your cheap prices.

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