Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best Cookies in Town - Mrs. Higgins cookies

    Ohhhhh I really can't stand with this cookies.
you can smell this cookie fresh from the oven, even from far few steps before you reached the store.
They have so many variations of flavours, and my favourite one is the one with macadamia and almond. I love nuts. :)

I think this cookies is the best cookies I've ever ate. I love this cookies so much. So you guys, If you go to Auckland city, don't forget to catch this store on Queen Street. It is a small store but I am sure you can smell the cookies. 
    I loooooveeee this so much.

I already bought this cookies twice.
First, my houseparent bought it for me and I tried one, I was so in love and bought again on the next day. 2 cookies !! :)
much more you buy, the price will become lesser... :)
CHECK THEIR WEBSITE : Mrs. Higgins Cookies