Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can I call you friends ?

Sometimes, all of you or some of you can be so good to me..
but sometimes, I feel that, I can't match with you, guys.. It is Lazy for me to gathering around you..
There is a quote about this and I think that quote is quiet sure...
" Friends come and go..Believe them, but don't trus them.. "

One time, I can believe you, but, is the next time I can trus you ? Just wait the answer from the way you treat me, ^^
I hope you are not disappointed me..

Komisi Remaja GKI Beringin..
I want to tell you..
I think you all know about this..
for long time, I can't playing and taking busy with you.. Having fun, eating, shopping, crafting, etc with you..
I hope the time when I can enter your gate is coming soon..
Hoping :)
sincerely sweet, 
still your friend, Calosanema

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