Monday, May 30, 2016

Mellow cafe ~

" There is no person that can live without sweet things"
quoted by me hahahaha..
cz I cant ! definitely can not !
shout out to another korean dessert..
Mellow ! they are selling bingsoo as well,
but the different is, they have flavoured shaved ice..
so the ice is not only just one colour / one flavour...
the bingsoo also has different texture than what snowman has ! 
so here they are. the photos.... !! :D

taro shaved ice !
soft serve ice cream + condensed milk
with almond topping <3

green tea pan ice !
honestly, this one is sooo good !

passion fruit shaved ice !

matcha roll cake !

our table for that day <3

taro cheesecake !

green tea shaved ice <3

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