Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not a simple - ABOUT ME :D

Welcome to my blog, 

sorry for some cheesy parts.. :')
this is me :D

   My complete name is Nathania Calosa Nema. 
   My friends call me Osa. I was born in 1996, on July 1st, at 4am exactly.
   You can count my age from my Year of birth.
     I am a Romantic - Comedy Story Lovers
      I love to read comics and novels which can make me enjoy the stories whenever I read those. and usually only romantic-comedy stories that work on me for making me laughing and crying sometime.
But, I am not a person that could be affected easily.
     I can be so childish sometimes - ignorant and careless
    I still like some cute stuffs, especially cartoons. For everything that look good from the outside sometimes bring you happiness when you are staring at them ! :D
     I am a lazy student, but in special case, I can be a very diligent student
    This is really true. I am not 100% lazy. Only sometimes.
     I know that my English is not so good
    Hahahaha, Every time I read or hear my friend speak in English, I'd like to say " Wooow, I am actually not that good in English".
     I love my parents and my sister !
      Ordinary things, huh ? Everyone feels the same way.
    Why do I like to see charming guy so much :')
    well well well....
     I can't stand for not do something in my home
    That's why I love traveling so much. Walking, shopping, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, or maybe only sitting in a WI-FI zone Cafe.

©    I can play piano
      I have reached grade 5. But no theory I've passed, Only for grade 1. And now, I use it for the Glory of God! :)
     I don't know how to be a feminine girl
    is it a serious problem ? I don't know. My mom and another girls always tell me for be more feminine, or taking care more about my self. Yes I did, I bought some cosmetics, pretty clothes, cute heels, and else, BUT, I only use them occasionally.
    I think I am funny enough
    This topic really remind me about my SKYPE INTERVIEW with Media Design School back then. He asked me " what kind of person are you ? "
and I said, " I think I am funny, my friend also told me that, but that's only IF I am speaking in my language ( Indonesian ) . hahahaha.

©    Even I am a girl, when I love someone, I love try to protect him/her ( I mean for friends )
©    i love almonds so much !!
©    There are only 2 categories for food, GOOD and SUPER GOOD  "Yummmm !!"
©    I want to be a VFX Artist and Church song Composer after I graduate :)

  I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand :)
  But surely, I miss my hometown so much. Semarang,
  A place where yummy foods came from, a place where we can live peacefully without any serious disasters, a place when all the neighborhoods get along. A place where I meet and know some people and filled my empty seats of my heart for 18 years old in my life. :)

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