Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Have you realized it now, Sis ??

actually, yesterday is 25th December, Me and my family celebrated Christmas day, or the borned of our King, Jesus...
Thankfully so much to God for came into this world and saved us from the dark,
Yesterday my sister and some of my friends were baptized, after a long of catechetical lesson....... They are had been baptized and officially confessed their faith in front of God and His church..

So, congratulation for all of you guys,
Hopefully, all of you start a brand new day since yesterday or today, 
always control your sins, always love God in the bad situation and good situations..

She is Jessia Khalis Tnujaya,
her name became Eliphelle Jessia Khalis Tanujaya,
really really a nice name, right ?? :*
meet her on,
facebook : Jessia Khalis

He is Marvin Reza Widjaja,
He is my classmate
meet him, facebook : Marvin Reza

He is Nathaniel Kevin,
he is my classmate too,
meet him on, facebook : Nathaniel Kevin

She is my sister,
Her name Josephine Carissa Nema..
Meet her on ,
facebook : Carissa Nema
Jessia and my sister and PDT. EDWARD KRISTIAN TAMBUNAN..
hahahahaha... :D

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