Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jessica 17th Birthday Partry

This is the candle,
very fashion right ??

so, Jessica's party theme is Fashion.
she loves fashion very much. and fortunately I have a chance to make her invite card.
actually only the name card. but I like it. haha. 

This is me... :)
with my blue batik dress... and white wedges and curly hair.
i am enought being like this pretty but not as pretty as my friends are.
because they can make their look up so much !!
haha, but I'm glad being me.

This is Linna with her tosca dress and white flat shoes..

Aya ( left ), me and then Jesslyn..

me and Aya... :)
and Jesslyn's hand (●´∀`●)

Jesslyn, Alvin and me..
Alvin P alvin P alvin P alvin P, what a face ?!!!???!!???!?!

me with 2 beautiful girls, Kiki and Jesslyn

My lovely friends... :)
super pretty Kiki... and super pretty Jesslyn,

the most perfect couple at that party. Michael and Kiki with their pink suits... !!

with Aldo... haha.

With Peter.. haha

with Elfrido.. haha

with Roma...

with Salomo...

I like this photo so much !!!!!!
our own happy faces..
Salomo deddy aldo and jessica at the centre, mE Linna Peter
Elfrido Andrew Marvin Alvin Roma

makanan  (´ω`★)

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