Monday, November 25, 2013

Think positively (★^O^★)

    Hello all !! it has been a long time for not write any post to this blog. Let's discuss about, *drumroll*
" think positively "
     What people usually think before they cut their hair and change their hair model ?? Sometimes, we can be afraid about what our hair gonna look like.
but, do you know ? that if you thing negatively, you can express your aura of afraid and nervous to your  barber and overall, you can't get the best model instead.
I felt afraid at first, but my mom told me for let everything flow and make sure that my barber knew the best for me...
and this is it.... !! ( ω)
 Before I cut it...
After I cut it..
What do you think ??
Hehehe... :D

After I went to barber, I went to Dryana Bakery and joined a cooking class. we cooked Macaronie Schotel and Fruit tart. Both of them are so delicious..

You could see the cheese was melting inside the oven. and the smell... oooohhhhh....
While waiting the macaronie schotel to be baked !!


 The ingredients for the fruit tarts ! fruits of course !

With my close friend, FLOREN !!
Yohooooo, met her facebook. CLICK !

Just give the positive effects to every things around you.
and think " Everything gonna be alright "

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