Sunday, January 17, 2016

Long time no see, Zsa Zsa !!

wa wa wa !!

Finally I went back to Indo for christmas and new year !!
selfie in airplane :
I was sooooo happy and couldn't wait to arrive !

it was such a pleasure for me to meet my old friend from my elementary school,
she has beautiful name, Clarenzsa Merryl... her nickname is Zsa Zsa... <3
she moved to Bali after we finished elementary school, and she started her high school there.
back then, we have never met, until finally,
my flight was transit in Bali for 6 hours,
i was so happy. she picked me up in the airport and brought me to eat good food,

some selfies of me and her :D

honestly, she also changed to a real beautiful woman, so different from last time I said goodbye with her.... waaaa <3 stay awesome, Zsa... !!

oh yea, this is the food.. hahaha.. I LOVE IT.

hope we can meet again either in Bali, Semarang, or maybe you'll spend your holiday to New Zealand, :D all the best for youuu <3

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