Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Longest Holiday Ever !!

     Yeah... !! Hello everybody... :) it had been a really long time I didn't write anything here.. I miss blogging. hahaha. I miss to write some entries, even it is important or not.
Start from March - April this year, I prepared my national examination which decide my high school pass !
No time for internet, everyday I had a lot of homeworks, a lot of subjects to be learnt.
But.... YUHUUUUU... now I am Free !! Totally free !! After April - after my national examination finished, I get 4 months holiday until August, yeah, until I face my university life....
So happy, also... everyday, I kinda talk like Phineas and Ferb,
      " Ferb, what are we gonna do today ?? "

so... TODAY, I want to tell you about, huhmmm, what should I call.....
            " MY ACTIVITES - FROM APRIL UNTIL TODAY,  10 June, 2014 "

I prepared our school graduation video.... the process in making the video, were so Tirinngggggg for me... I couldn't get enough sleep or either rest, also... everyday I should went to my friend's house, Melinda to worked the video together....
I admit it, I am not a profesional editor, that' s why.... I need more time to learning about ADOBE PREMIERE. hahahah. But now, I think I am better.
you guys can watch the video, here...
Sorry for the language..

after my graduation day, I had enough sleep and rest finally... yeah... My dark cirlce was decreased... :)
I dont know what to do,
I called my friends with different days and asked them for having photoshoot with me.
Since my father gave me a new DSLR Fujifilm camera.
Thanks dad..
Here is my first photoshoot :

Model : Devina Hertanu Wijaya
she is my cousin...
Meet her on her Instagram !!
Location : at her house :3

And then my second photoshoot is also with her :)


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