Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Well, First Impression !

 So, here it is. hahahaha. My first impression about Auckland.
I've arrived on 4th September, and picked up by my Indonesian Host family. <3
I took 10 hours flight exclude transfer service from Jakarta to Auckland. wow ! hahaha. I was so glad because, when I was in Jkt-Syd's flight, there were no people sit next to me. So I had the rest of the chair which were next to me. 

This photo is my first selfie. hahaha. actually, I want to fullfill one of my friend's wish. His wish was for took a picture whenever I arrived at Auckland Airport while wearing this RED SWEATER.
But, so sorry, I forgot his wish. So, I think I will change the place to my shool ya ! hahaha.

( forgive my fat look because the sweater. )

How did I feel when leaving my hometown and saying goodbye to my parents and my sister ? well. I released so much tears. It was so hard for me to leave them especially my father. hahaha.
Yes ! absolutely true !
I wish all the best for my parents. :) wait for my comeback and I will make you both proud <3

I think, Auckland isn't one kind of big city. It is a not-so-big city. hahaha. I could reach a lot of places in Central city by walking. I don't know is it the country which is not big or the central city which is too small ? hahahaha.
and. I got out from house and tried to catch bus in Sunday to go to Church ! St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. It has the same ceremony as my church in Semarang. I like this church moreover it has Indonesian Service at noon. I wish I can be one of their piano player. hahahaha. O ya ! I met some Indonesian young adults in church. We tried to know each other. Most of them, almost forget their hometown country's language. hahahha. ah ! I met fiona. She is older than me 1 year but she is so much cuter than me. She is so kind. you know what, she gave me a banana cupcake and said " I want to a great chef one day. that's why I moved here "
Thank you Fiona ! I like it. haaahahaha. Beside gave me that, she also told me where was the bus stop. " Here is the bus stop to go to your home. You should catch bus number 258 and it will stop at BlockHouse bay, your area "
oh, thank you so much. hahahaha.

and. hmmmm I guess you guys want to know about Auckland city. hahahaha here are somr photos and I apologize for some unclear photos :( I captured them while walking and reading google maps. ahhahhaa. 

Vulcan Lane

the bus :D
I quite upset with the price. hahahha. 5 dollar one way. Are you crazy ?hahahaha. so you mean 10 dolar for return ? hahaha.

oh ! on monday, I went to my school and checked out the atmosphere. well, nobody looks like me. maybe I am the only strangers and weirdo for them. hahahaa. I accept that. :D
This is my great and super good hahahaha school !!!!!!!
I hope I can be a profesional one after this. hahahah
Media Design School :)please be awesome for me yah !
I wait you .... !!

So... I will write again next time.
I miss my parents, my sister, all of my friends.
please be healthy always and wait for me ya.

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