Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stoned because My Decision

Hello, everybody hahaha.

It has been a super hard month since I decieded to enter my College in New Zealand.
My parents always make me sure that every decision that I make, is the best for me, 
They never ask me to be someone as what they want, And I am so glad about this. OMG !! I am thankfull for my parents, and I will never ask they to be a better one.
I have the best parents in the world. 

So, actually yeah it is kind of sad that I should leave my parents and my hometown in Semarang. New Zealand is far from here and I will have A SUPER DUPER NEW LIFESTYLE and people in there. 

There's always time for living, Can we just do it again. One more time like it once was...Way Back When. You gave me something to believe in, We were the best of friends. Well I remember the good times...Way Back When. "

Just like the lyric above ( way back when - GRIZFOLK ), there's always time for living, even you will have 180degrees different from before.

So, I am going to New Zealand to reach my dream, and I will be back soon after I finished it. :)
So, for everybody who miss me, hahahahaha, while I am at there, you can skype me and LINE me everytime, and I am sure will reply all of you, whenever I have time. 

Actually, I'm still scared. so much than before, I don't know who I should meet at first arriving in Auckland, hahahaha. But I know that God always with me, and never let me alone. :) Thanks to my agent for introduced me with one of Indonesian people who living in NZ. I hope that I can rely her a little bit from now. :)
I will take my flight on September...

Everything gonna be fine :) I know that.... hehehee, goodnight everybody.

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